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Writing Work

FoodHack Trends Reports

I am the lead newsletter reporter for FoodHack, the global community for foodtech innovators and investors. I research, write, edit and publicise these weekly Trends reports into the latest developments in food and agritech. I've been compiling these reports weekly since 2020.

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Dairy Diary

I'm also the author and editor of the Dairy Diary (published annually), Britain's favourite and best-selling annual home diary which has sold over 25 million copies.


Green Queen

I write and edit the Green Queen newsletter, which summarises the latest news on all things climate-related, vegan and zero-waste.

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Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley

In this freelance role, I work closely alongside other writers, editors and the core team to write and edit webpages, press releases, success stories, member highlights and more from the Swiss food innovation ecosystem.

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As part of a fixed contract with Swiss innovation centre Agropôle, I interviewed leading figures in food and agritech in Switzerland, and created a series of person-led reports for the website.

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University of Cambridge

Robinson College, University of Cambridge commissioned me to write an article for their alumni publication, with the aim of raising funds for a new Archive Building. As part of this work, I travelled to Cambridge to interview key figures in the history of the College, and its archivist, and compiled this into a compelling article.

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