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German to English Translations

Struggling to make your words work in English?


German to English Translation Services

I am a qualified and experienced German to English translator offering high-quality, accurate and punctual translation and transcreation services. As a German to English translator, I specialise in translating texts in the fields of sustainability, the climate crisis, foodtech, cookery, tourism, horticulture and gardening, alongside non-fiction and journalism. I am an English native speaker with experience living in Germany and Austria.

Why is translation important?

In an ever-more globalised world, the value of a good translation is often overlooked. Yet reaching clients and customers in English, the language of global business and ideas, has never been more vital. Translation is essential to international business and cross-cultural communication and collaboration. Choosing a skilled, professional translator, like me, to shepherd your work into a new language gives your business the best possible chance of reaching and resonating with your target demographic. Selecting the right person to translate your work is to invest in your words and in your message.

Why me?

So why am I the best person for the job? First and foremost, I like translation. I see translation not as a means to an end, but as a true craft; a process that requires as much skill as tailoring a beautiful ballgown or whittling a piece of fine, handmade furniture. As such, I aim to provide translations that are not just factually correct and linguistically accurate, but translations that are a joy to read and which are near impossible to distinguish from work written by a native speaker.

Inexpertly translated German is ugly to look at and even uglier to read. English prose that merely mimics the sentence structure and grammar of native German will often sound staccato and stilted. For that reason, I take painstaking care in weeding out any dreaded ‘translatorese’ in the texts I work on, presenting you with a fine-tuned and fluent end product. My subediting experience is also put to use, as I carefully research and fact-check the texts I work to ensure utmost accuracy and flag any potential client or legal sensitivities with copy.


I achieved a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in German from the University of Bristol, where I graduated with a Distinction in Spoken German. In 2018 I completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation with the Open University, in which I received a Distinction grade.


I spent three years working as an in-house German to English translator at Bauer Media UK, a German-owned media company which is Europe’s largest publishing house. I translated several thousand words a week, often to tight deadlines, and assisted a team of external translators, whose work I proofread and fact-checked. When you choose to entrust your valuable words to me, you’re putting your German to English translation project in a pair of safe and experienced hands.

Here’s a brief selection of the kinds of texts I have worked with in the past year.

  • Marketing materials

  • Recipes

  • Documentary subtitles

  • Drama subtitles for the BBC

  • Magazine articles

  • Press releases

  • Tourist brochures and travel guides

  • Websites

  • Sporting brochures

  • Video transcripts

  • Cookbooks

  • Apps


Each German to English translation project requires a different level of skill, time and investment, all of which will be taken into account when evaluating the specific requirements of your project. I am happy to provide a full list of rates over email, and can also offer bespoke packages and pre-paid bulk discounts. My rates are in line with industry standards for translation in my language pair.  You won’t find surplus charges for research or VAT added on. All costs are quoted upfront, in one simple figure, so that our work together can be as straightforward and enjoyable a process as possible.

Got a question?

Drop me a line via my contact form. I’m more than happy to discuss your individual requirements in detail. While I am flexible and will gladly consider projects on a variety of topics, I will never accept a project that I feel I am not qualified to translate, which is why I like to know as much as possible about an assignment before taking it on. In that event, I would be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.

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