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About Louise

Hello. (Or Hallo nochmal!) I’m Louise.
When strangers ask me – at weddings, on trains, standing in a queue (I live in England, after all!) – I used to wonder what to say. Translator? Writer? Editor? Proofreader? Gardener?
After over a decade in the world of work (and words), I've finally perfected my elevator pitch. So when people ask me, 'What do you do?', I happily say: 'Words. I work with words.' 
I'm a translator, a writer and an editor, yes, but really I'll do anything involving words. Language is the currency that unites my work and I'm happiest diving into a big, fat, juicy document full of typos and sentences to sculpt and sharpen. 
When I'm not writing, I love to immerse myself in books (true to type). I am often found on my allotment and also volunteer as a gardener at a mental health-focused community garden in Oxford - combining my love of the outdoors, plants and exchanging meaningful words with other humans. I also love to take photographs (and you'll find many of them in my book) and sew my own clothes.
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Yes, I made my dress 😉

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