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Editorial Services

Do you need to hire an editor?

I offer a full suite of editorial services, including content analysis, copyediting and proofreading, as well as basic copywriting. Depending on the needs of your text and the stage it is at, the level of editorial service you require will differ. Once I know more about your project, I will be able to advise you on the editing service that best meets your needs.

As a former journalist, I am skilled at making sure articles, reports, marketing materials and other texts are accurate, fine-tuned to their audience and keep your reader’s attention. I will ensure your text is error-free, factually accurate, concise and readable. A copyeditor’s work is often invisible, but for any text with an audience, hiring an editor is invaluable.

I am skilled in working with a variety of texts, including articles, non-fiction books, presentations, manuals, reports, magazines, newsletters and newspapers. I have specialist knowledge in the fields of media (particularly magazines), food and drink (particularly recipes, articles and cookbooks), gardening and horticulture, history (particularly 20th century European or US history), literature, popular science (particularly medicine and the human body), politics (UK, US and Germany) and content marketing. As a translator, I can also revise and proofread pre-translated copy.

I also offer website editing and SEO optimisation for existing content. I am conversant in a number of content management systems, so am more than happy to edit directly into the CMS or to provide annotated PDFs or Word documents with changes.

A note on proofreading vs. copyediting

Proofreading is the last stage of the editing process: it’s a final, thorough check of errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar. As a proofreader, I won’t comment on the document’s fundamental structure, argument or larger editorial problems, but I will make your work shine.

Copyediting is a more in-depth process which takes place at an earlier stage than proofreading. Style, wording and content are edited and, occasionally, reworked to ensure consistency of the piece as a whole. I’ll tackle a piece line by line to focus on all of the little things you might not have thought about. As your copyeditor, I’ll check for repetition, ambiguity or overused phrases. I’ll weed out bias, copyright problems and flag any potential liabilities. I’ll fact-check each and every piece of information in the text. Fixing any grammar or style issues, fine-tuning punctuation, and ensuring your work is of the highest quality also fall under my remit.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders provides an excellent description of the differences between the two processes here.

Need to hire an editor? Contact me at louise@louiseburfitt.com to discuss your next editing project. I’m always happy to hear from you!